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Located in the picturesque Elbe Valley, Dresden is renowned for its stunning landscapes and rich cultural heritage. As a center for innovation, technology, and science, Dresden has been at the forefront of dynamic development in recent years. This growth has not only enhanced the urban landscape but also increased traffic demands.

The city has tackled this challenge by prioritizing environmentally friendly transportation options, resulting in 61 percent of the city’s traffic now being composed of eco-mobility methods such as public transport, cycling, and walking.

As part of the Mobilities for EU project, Dresden will implement six pilots focusing on both passenger and freight mobility. These pilots include innovative and flexible e-charging via charging robots in collaboration with Volkswagen Group Innovation and CARNET, infrastructure-assisted automated connected driving through a Control Center and Mobility Data Space with Fraunhofer IVI, SAP SE, and the development of traffic, transport, and operator concepts alongside establishing business models with the support of Eigenbetrieb Sportstätten Dresden.

Other pilots will focus on the electrification and automation of the public bus fleet and configurable e-cars in collaboration with the Technical University Dresden. These projects will explore new ways to improve transportation efficiency and sustainability, helping Dresden to test and refine innovative approaches tailored to the city’s unique needs.

The heart of Dresden’s involvement in the Mobilities for EU project is its urban transport lab, located in the project area. This Innovation Hub will facilitate co-creation activities between citizens, industry, science, and administration, shaping future mobility developments. We aim to create barrier-free options that bring people together, regardless of their personal abilities, ensuring inclusive and collaborative progress.

Beyond the project’s duration, the lab will continue to advance Dresden’s transportation system, positioning the city as a pioneer in sustainable urban mobility and setting an example for other European cities.

Dresden, Canalettoblick, Elberadweg. Foto: Frank Exß (DML-BY) -- Dresden, Canaletto view, Elbe cycle path. Photo: Frank Exß (DML-BY)
Auf dem Dach des Kongresszentrums befindet sich eine Photovoltaikanlage als Schriftzug „DRESDEN“. Foto: Sebastian Weingart (DML-BY) -- On the roof of the congress center there is a photovoltaic system as a lettering "DRESDEN". Photo: Sebastian Weingart (DML-BY)
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