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Espoo is a fast growing city in the capital region of Finland with a young and educated population and a thriving business and academic ecosystem. Espoo is part of the EU Mission Cites and has pledged to be carbon neutral by 2030. Effective and sustainable transport and logistics is essential to businesses and people living and working in the city.

The city has invested a lot in building rail transport to enable sustainable travel choices for people. The rail network, however, cannot cover all trips from door to door. New, innovative connecting/last mile mobility and services are needed to create smooth travel chains and comfortable transfers. Electrification and automation are needed also in the growing area of logistics to guarantee sustainable deliveries of goods all over the city.

  • Connecting lines with smaller electric, autonomous buses

  • Establishing mobility hubs to pilot and deploy innovative new mobility services like micromobility, charging services for small and large electric vehicles

  • Collaborating with companies and research organisations to support the development of new charging services for larger vehicles like buses and trucks

  • Finding use cases for V2G charging

  • Mobilities for EU gives us resources and invaluable support and benchmarks for formalizing the living lab activities in Espoo under one roof.

  • Ongoing partnerships with the university and research centre in the area of mobility will get a one coordinating body.

  • Partnership is sought (and now somewhat funded) with the Helsinki Mobility Lab especially in engaging companies in the area in ecosystem work and cocreation of services.

  • Aalto University

  • VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland

  • Helsinki Mobility Lab

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