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Gdansk is a city-symbol of the history of Poland and Central Europe. in the 11th century it was already a merchant settlement, then a Hanseatic port city, and in the 20th century – a free ex-state city. Gdansk is the cradle of Solidarity and the beginning of the end of communist hegemony in Europe. Gdansk is a city “between” Gdynia and Tczew, the moraine plateau and the shore of the bay, Poland and the Baltic Sea, history and the present. The proximity of the sea guarantees clean air and mild winters. The striped urban layout requires radical reconstruction, because traffic jams are a nightmare for residents, employees and tourists. Gdansk has railways, trams and buses, but it lacks transit links and nodes, transfer connections, spatial accessibility and comfort of using public transport.

A contemporary challenge is to create sustainable transport system. Significant shift in modal split to: public transport, cycling and walking is needed. Starting the transformation towards climate neutrality.

Reduction of greenhouse gas emissions through: introducing zero emission vehicles (e.g. electric, hydrogen); shift from private cars to more sustainable modes of transport; reducing transport needs (e.g. creation a 15-minute city). Transport automation. Reinvention user-focussed solutions in the area.

Problem area focuses most of city’s problems related to urban mobility.As follower city we want to learn good practices form leading cities. Developed documents and projects will facilitate participation in other programs and applying for founds. Implementation of the capacity building activities (administrative, financial and policy capabilities) in our flying living UT-Labs, will help to empowered citizens (especially VRU), local urban mobility and logistic solutions/service providers to co-develop and adopt the innovative and systemic governance. Our FLUT LAB is the space and the spirit of coinvention and cocreation useful and needful solution with usage the experiences gained by the activities of leading UT-Labs (local governance workshops, capacity building/training workshops, webinars, case studies, good practice innovative governance from outside the project).

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Olivia Centre in Gdańsk is the largest and most modern mix-use centre in the Tri-City agglomeration and in Poland. Its area currently amounts to 175,000, and ultimately it will significantly exceed 200,000 The design of the entire centre was created by Konior&Partners and BJK Architects, as well as the designs of individual buildings. Olivia’s largest residents include Amazon, Bayer, Capgemini, Deloitte, Energa, EPAM, Fujifilm, Lyreco, Medicover, Nike, Nordea, PwC, Ricoh, Sii, thyssenkrupp.

In the spring of 2021. Olivia Centre has undergone the most restrictive analysis conducted by experts from the International Well Building Institute (IWBI) in New York. The safety of building users was checked, as well as solutions improving the quality of life in the business centre. Olivia received the maximum score of 25 out of 25 points. It achieved this result in 22 basic categories and in 3 new ones related to the innovations implemented in its area. This is the first such result in the world, which confirms that our buildings are among the world’s top business companies. A year later, in a re-verification, Olivia maintained the same level of certification, confirming its membership in the group of the safest, but also user-friendly workspaces.

At the same time, Olivia Centre is much more than buildings. Over 1500 business, educational, cultural and sports events take place here every year. A unique combination of services and amenities for residents, their employees and guests has been created on its premises, which consists of eight restaurants, 4 cafes, a professional two-storey fitness centre, a kindergarten for 100 children, a primary school, a high school, an IT academy, a medical centre, a dental centre, a pharmacy, 5 banks and 5 conference centres, O4 – one of the largest coworking spaces in Poland, but at the same time a vast patio filled with vegetation, fountains and places of relaxation. In the central point of Olivia there is a vast (almost 1000 m2), year-round tropical garden Olivia Garden, which is a regenerative space for residents – it reduces emotional and psychophysiological stress, rebuilds depleted attention resources, has a positive effect on the ability to take on everyday challenges related to professional work and also fosters good social relations, creating a space for meetings.

In July 2019, on the 32nd, 33rd and 34th floor of Olivia Star, the highest building in northern Polish, a project was launched, constituting a unique, additional offer attracting guests from all over the world to Olivia. On On the 32nd floor, a public viewing level has been opened, allowing a 360° view. for the whole Tri-City. It offers not only a stunning panorama of the Bay of Gdańsk, the Tri-City Landscape Park and the Gdynia cliff coast, but also originally designed interiors, catering and recreational facilities. On On the 33rd floor of the building, there are two prestigious restaurants: Arco and Treinta y Tres, run by Paco Pérez, one of the most successful chefs in the world, winner of the 5* prestigious Michelin culinary guide. On On the 34th floor, at a height of 150 meters above the ground, a multifunctional event and conference centre has been created, located the highest in Poland, allowing for the organisation of events for up to 400 people, where concerts of the greatest Polish stars, theatre performances and business conferences are held.

Olivia offers over 1600 parking spaces, a number of electric car charging points, points for storing and charging electric scooters, several hundred bicycle racks and large changing rooms with showers for cyclists in each of the 7 buildings.

  • District Council

  • Olivia Centre

  • City Transit Authority

  • Pomeranian Marshal Office

  • PUMA – Plans for Urban Mobility Actions (URBACT network)

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