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Nestled in the heart of Slovakia, Trenčín is famed for its historic castle and scenic riverside views. The city offers a harmonious blend of nature and history, with numerous outdoor activities and cultural landmarks. Trenčín’s UT Lab is focused on implementing school mobility projects, enhancing bike transportation, and facilitating the shift to electric vehicles, striving to make the city more sustainable and livable for its residents.

Trenčín has faced significant mobility challenges, including traffic congestion during peak hours and limited safe routes for cyclists and pedestrians. The need for better school mobility plans became evident as more parents opted to drive their children, increasing road traffic. Additionally, the city’s public transportation system requires continuous modernization to meet environmental standards. These challenges including possibility to explore best practices from various regions of EU motivated Trenčín to join the UT Lab project to develop sustainable and efficient mobility solutions.

Our UT lab strategy to overcome mobility challenges focuses on three local priorities alongside aside from project implementation key priorities: integrating safe routes for schoolchildren, creating a comprehensive cycling network, and expanding electric vehicle infrastructure. By developing clear, safe pathways for students, we aim to reduce car dependency and traffic congestion during school hours. The introduction of new bike lanes and cycling facilities will make biking a more attractive option for daily commutes. Moreover, increasing the number of charging stations will support the shift to electric vehicles, ensuring a sustainable future for Trenčín.

Trenčín’s UT Lab is designed to support the MOBILITIES for EU project by addressing our city’s specific priorities: updating school mobility plans, advancing bike transportation strategies, and facilitating the transition to electric vehicles. Initially, we will focus on creating safe cycling paths and establishing secure bike parking to encourage more residents to cycle. We will also implement pilot projects for electric vehicle charging stations. Our long-term goal is to build on these efforts, scaling them up based on feedback and success, and continuing to engage our community in sustainable practices replicable from pilot actions in Madrid and Dresden.

  • SPECTRA – Centre of Excellence of EU at Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava

  • Trenčín Self-Governing Region

  • Department of mobility, City of Trenčín

  • Slovak Smart City Cluster

  • Creative Institute Trenčín

  • Institute of Public Participation Trenčín

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