The vibrant city of Valencia has become the hub of urban mobility innovation as it hosts the NetZeroCitiesEU Mission Conference, titled ‘Empowering Cities – the Climate Neutral and Smart Cities Mission in Action.’ Among the distinguished participants is the MOBILITIES FOR EU project, showcasing its commitment to sustainable urban mobility.

The conference, which began today, is set to bring together a diverse array of transport authorities, city representatives, and urban mobility experts. These key stakeholders will engage in discussions and collaborations aimed at advancing the vision of climate-neutral and smart cities across Europe.

MOBILITIES FOR EU will play a significant role throughout the conference, sharing a booth with its sister project, metaCCAZE. This shared space not only highlights the collaborative spirit of these initiatives but also provides a platform to present their innovative solutions and strategies for sustainable urban transport.

The participation of MOBILITIES FOR EU underscores the project’s dedication to leveraging cutting-edge technologies and partnerships to drive the future of urban mobility. Attendees can expect insightful presentations, dynamic discussions, and the opportunity to explore the practical applications of the project’s initiatives.

As the conference progresses, MOBILITIES FOR EU and its partners will continue to engage with the urban mobility community, fostering relationships and exchanging ideas that will contribute to the realization of climate-neutral cities across the continent.