In a significant step towards advancing urban mobility, MOBILITIES FOR EU has officially joined the urban mobility family. This development was celebrated at a meeting hosted by the European Climate, Infrastructure and Environment Executive Agency (CINEA), where MOBILITIES FOR EU partners had the pleasure of connecting with a host of influential stakeholders.

The event provided an excellent opportunity for MOBILITIES FOR EU to engage with its sister project, metaCCAZE, and form vital connections with the 2Zero and CCAM Association partnerships, the CIVITAS Initiative, and representatives from the European Commission, CINEA, and NetZeroCitiesEU. These entities are all pivotal players in the Climate-Neutral and Smart Cities Mission.

MOBILITIES FOR EU and metaCCAZE have been selected to demonstrate groundbreaking solutions for automated, connected, and electric urban mobility of passengers and freight. This initiative is part of the broader Climate-Neutral and Smart Cities Mission call, co-programmed by the CCAM and 2Zero partnerships.

Both projects are committed to fostering a collaborative environment, sharing their learnings and results to drive forward the urban mobility ecosystem in the EU. This synergy is expected to yield innovative solutions that will significantly impact the future of urban transport.

As a new member of this dynamic community, MOBILITIES FOR EU is eager to contribute to the collective efforts of these key partners, aiming to transform urban mobility across Europe. The project looks forward to actively participating in shaping a sustainable, smart, and climate-neutral future for European cities.

Stay tuned for more updates as MOBILITIES FOR EU embarks on this exciting journey with its new partners, bringing innovative urban mobility solutions to the forefront.